Limitless Display
and Broadcast

The AVedge™ Document+ Camera is what your classrooms have been missing. Our Document+ Camera lets you capture and display, project, and broadcast the physical into the digital medium.


Document+ Camera

The AVedge™ Document+ Camera line opens doors previously shut by hardware and software limitations. Take the analog world right before your eyes and broadcast/project it onto a digital screen, anywhere, and even without cables or wires.

Wi-fi Plus Internal Battery
Full Range of Motion
Up To 100X Zoom


Eliminate Limitations

Ideal for K-12 schools as well as higher education settings, the Document+ Camera is also at home for remote design and prototyping teams. Without physical limitations, this is the projector of yesteryear made for the present and future.

8Mp HD Camera

60FPS Video

Internal Microphone

PC-free internal OS


SD Card Storage