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AVedge™ is committed to helping our students, and teachers, fully wield market-leading technology solutions that make it easier to learn, and easier to educate.
Whether at the elementary level or in a post-graduate doctoral program, we help schools to do three things:

  • Make learning more fun and thus engaging
  • Open doors for educational possibilities that were out of reach
  • Share learning materials and data across all digital devices and platforms

At the same time, the educational experience, especially for colleges and universities, is rapidly transforming right before our eyes. Even as the global pandemic comes to an end, distance learning and remote classrooms will soon become the norm. AVedge™ helps to make this new standard as engaging, interactive and productive as possible.


Business Conferencing

In the same breath as above, the standard business arrangements and corporate settings are evolving. AVedge™ provides answers to questions in the corporate world and startup sphere alike, as well as solutions to problems that need immediate attention.
The fast-paced, often remote world demands the following:

  • Communication happens reliably and in real-time
  • The collaborative experience can happen anywhere, on any device
  • Technology comes with flexibility and foresight built right into it

To remain competitive, businesses must be able to adapt to challenges, while likewise have tools at their disposal that remove impediments, hassles, and boredom from the day-to-day. Our suite of interactive whiteboards, video conferencing stations, and other tools, allow for boundless collaborative opportunities for global remote design teams, engaging corporate seminars, and everything imaginable in-between.



In every corner of the healthcare industry, from emergency rooms to clinical trials, the ability to rapidly share, understand, adjust, and test information is invaluable. AVedge™ understands the vitality behind this.
As part of the scientific community, the healthcare industry practices research and peer-reviewed publication of medical studies. The sooner, and easier, it is for doctors to share their findings and understand them, the sooner breakthroughs can be made, and the easier it is to get medicine and treatments into the hands of afflicted patients.
Further, in many situations, remote appointments and medical consultations relieve the patient burden of travel, especially when in remote areas. Doctors can easily communicate with and provide aid to patients by using AVedge™’s digital tools, regardless of device or platform of their choosing.

What doors can we open for you?

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